Is it wise to Write Research Papers on Global Warming?

Global warming has been a hot topic for decades. There have been many papers done on it and many studies. You can find research for it literally all over the place. One thing is for sure, if you are planning to do a research paper on this topic then you will not lack for sources.

You are the only one who can decide if it is a wise thing to write about. If you think it is then go for it. If you do not think it is a good idea then don’t. It’s that simple. Just make sure that if you do, the research that you present supports your thesis statement.

Critical Factors of Global Warming

There are two main things that you can write about in regards to global warming. One of them is the controversy that surrounds the validity of today’s view on the subject as well as its causes and the other is to focus on the effects of it. In other words, cause or effect. If you go for the causality way then you need to give a detailed explanation of what it is while remembering to point out the key factors in the analysis of it. Those factors will then turn into headings and even subheadings in your paper.

If you have a mind to go with the effects side of it then some of your topics and sub headings could be things like abrupt climate changes and how they affect national security. There was actually a study done by the Pentagon that looked at which national security threats could be posed by global warming. You might also take a look at the total history and see what effects have been in each country or area of the world.

Current Effects of Global Warming

Many scientists say that global warming is already wreaking havoc with the ecosystems of the world. There are certain places where the food sources for types of animals are drying up. Ice caps are melting and that could ultimately have an effect on our natural resources as well as the air climate. This is also causing not only the levels of water in the oceans to rise but it is also causing the temperature of those same waters to rise.

There are a great many things that you could talk about in an essay on global warming. Yes, it has been well covered, but there are still many individual topics that are rarely covered…including the one mentioned earlier in regards to national security. No matter what you choose though please remember to cite many sources that will support your thesis if you want it to be successful.

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