Is it legal to buy custom papers on the web?

Most of the times, students or people, who are new to the service of online custom writing agencies, have many fears in mind. One such fear is kind of moral in nature. There is a big question mark about legality of using such service. People contemplate on whether getting your job done from someone else and presenting it as the fruit of your own intellectual tree is right or wrong. Some think it is a deception and the marks they will get through that work will not be deserved actually.

It is legal because you pay

One simple answer to this question is that you are not stealing someone else’s work. It is not a theft rather you are getting help to save your time. Selling and buying written material on internet is legal in every part of the world if it really belongs to you. Also, getting help from some expert and paying him for that has nothing wrong in its nature. You are just availing freelancing services for good reasons. Moreover, that work is the product of your own idea. The idea and scheme of work is not stolen. It is just been done by someone else.

The ethical aspect

What is illegal in the whole scene is that you have to pretend that it is written by you. This is only when we talk about it morally. But we it contrasts to another perspective about it and that is, you are really in need of help due to lack of time and a burden of other tasks on your mind. So, all you are doing is hiring someone to write in your place. With this side of picture, it is not as wrong as it seems.

When is it illegal?

There are situations when do something illegal. It is when you get the service but do not pay for it. In this situation, you are breaking your agreement with the agency and are punishable for it. It can get you into legal trouble. You must pay fairly and according to the schedule as long as you are getting your task fulfilled. Another illegal situation is that you purchase article, essay or paper which was written by some other student and that has been sold to you without his knowledge. It is an intellectual theft and is considered a crime everywhere. But in this situation, it is the thief who will be punished for it when you are unaware of its theft.

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