How To Know What Research Paper Topics To Avoid

Writing of essays is at times challenging for most students because of the topic that they selected in the first place. Writing experts advice that a student should always select a topic that they are not only interested in, but one that they are also well versed in. although this might be quite a general statement because interest is quite relative and it varies from one person to another, and shifts over time. An easier guideline that students could use to choose their topic is by determining the topics that they should avoid when writing their research paper. There are a number of topics that a student should avoid when writing their research paper. Some of them include

  • Topics that are personal in nature
  • Topics that are too narrow
  • Topics that are too broad
  • Topics that lack enough information

Topics that are personal in nature

A student should always refrain from selecting a topic about him or herself. Unless the writer is a famous person and has a number of literatures published about them or if the examiner has requested that the student does that. A research paper is about conducting research. This means a student is expected to do research from both secondary and primary data sources. A student who selects such a topic would find it difficult to write.

Topics that are too narrow

Some topics are also too narrow that it would be a daunting task for a student to write about them. This will also make getting enough research information about it almost impossible. A narrow topic such as “the value of ink” might appear a good topic to write about, but actually it is hard to write about.

Topics that are too broad

The contrast to the above is also true. Choosing a topic that is too general and broad will be challenging to work with. This is because there will be so much information available, that the student would not be in a position to identify the variables to use. The writer should try and make the topic to be manageable.

Topics that lack enough information

There are topics that are not researchable because they might lack data or information about them. In as much as it might be perceived as a noble gesture for a student to want to be the first to write about the topic, he or she will soon run into difficulties due to lack of detailed information. This will make it impossible to successfully write the research paper.

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