A List Of Exciting Argumentative Research Paper Topics For College Students

College students are more frequently assigned with argumentative research papers. Whenever you are assigned with this task, it is essential that you show your creativity by selecting a topic that could impress your teachers. Remember that, an argumentative research paper must talk about both the advantages and disadvantages about the particular issue. This is why; you have to select a topic that would give you the scope for:

  • Investigating
  • Collecting evidences
  • Taking a stand on the particular issue
  • Putting forth your opinions
  • Answering the counterarguments

Selecting such a topic might require you to perform some empirical researches in addition to just collection of information from the existing literatures. Here is a list of exciting argumentative research paper topics for you:

Could we accept torture under some circumstances?

Remember that, this research topic is controversial! And, hence you must be cautious while writing this paper. Try maintaining your tone clinical and your writing formal. Make sure you collect some solid evidence in order to support your opinion. I would suggest you to quote some examples from recent past.

Should we force the students to do home assignments?

This is definitely an interesting research topic as several students do not show interest in completing home assignments. But, the teachers keep on insisting that home assignments are required for completing the curriculum. I would suggest you to research and speak about the advantages of eliminating home assignments.

Are there enough test scores?

In this topic of research, you will have the chances of explaining the transformations in students’ psychology as well as approaches towards studying caused by the popularity of technologies like Internet. I would recommend you to analyze the standardized scoring systems and find out whether those systems have the capacity to adequately evaluate the candidates’ knowledge and skills.

Should the lotteries be forbidden?

For this topic, you need to look at some examples of lotteries that are being used by government and compare them with the lotteries that are being used for charities. I would suggest you to provide a solution that can make sure that the influence of lotteries on society is not misused.

Should we test our teachers for their knowledge?

This could be a potentially interesting topic for research as several of the elder teachers are out of school long time before and their ways of teaching might be outdated. Try writing your research paper on why teachers also should be tested in the same way as students.

These are not only the topics you could write on. You can identify unique topics from the issues which you could work on passionately. Just look around you!

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