Human resources research paper topics: guidelines for beginners

For students just starting out in the field of human resources, coming up with a great research paper topic on the subject may prove to be something of a challenge. Many students with an interest in management don’t have extensive experience in choosing research paper topics. There’s no need to fret, however. Especially when the student has just begun studying in the field, it’s not difficult to come up with a good topic, and simple topics may actually be the best as they give the student a chance to explore their new field of study.

The following list of topics are great for human resources beginners:

  • 21st Century Human Resources: Where we are, how we got here, where we’re going
  • This is an excellent topic for a beginner in the field because it gives them a great chance to explore modern human resources in depth while taking a peek at its past as well as a speculative look into its future. The breadth of the topic also means that it is a good choice for those new to researching, as there will be plenty of associated sources.

  • Human Resources and Information Technology: How IT is Affecting the Field of Human Resources
  • Information technology is perhaps the largest force for change in the field of human resources in the modern world. It’s changing the way companies do business, the way colleagues, coworkers, and management interact, and the way people look for and find jobs. Students have the choice of narrowing their topic down to one of these aspects or of giving a broad overview.

  • Human Resources and International Outsourcing: When is overseas outsourcing advantageous?
  • Another way in which technology has impacted the field is through the increasing practicality of communicating with partners and colleagues around the world. This has introduced far more industries to the potential for outsourcing than ever before. However, there are times when outsourcing may look good on paper but may have long term negative consequences—this is a great research paper topic.

  • Understanding HR Performance through the Utilization of Human Resources Metrics
  • Human resources finds many ways to measure the performance of other workers, but what about measuring the performance of human resources itself? The use of HR metrics is fairly new strategy intended to do just that, and is a rich source of material for any student’s research paper.

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