How To Develop A Good Research Paper Conclusion On Immigration

Immigration is a very hot topic right now because of all of its controversy and the fact that everyone sees the subject differently. When working on a paper concerning the matter, you should think hard about what side of the fence you are on regarding this topic. It is a very powerful topic so you can use that to your advantage and make what you believe known and for what reasons. The conclusion might be the most powerful part of an essay like this one. You need to set it up properly. Here are some things you should be sure to include.

Things to Include

  1. What side you are on
  2. Restate your reasons
  3. Make it a true ending

  • What Side You Are On
  • If you want to express an opinion about immigration, then you tell the reader what side you are on again so that it is clear to them where you stand on the matter. If you choose to, you can make it neutral. You can talk about both sides having their merits and what they might be. This choice is either up to you or the teacher’s directions for the assignment.

  • Restate Your Reasons
  • If you chose a side, then restate the reasons for your position. If you did not, then you restate the sides to the arguments. Do not make it sound too much like anything you have already said. You must remember to use different words and make it a new way of saying the same thing. This should be relatively brief.

  • Make It a True Ending
  • The conclusion is so powerful because it is the last thing anyone will read. It is the last thoughts you leave them with. You have to make sure that it is clearly an ending. Once you have read the last sentence, it should feel naturally like the paper is over. If the last sentence does not convey that you are finished, then it really isn’t a conclusion at all.

    People’s beliefs about immigration are very strong on both sides. They hold their beliefs out as truth, and that makes it powerful. That is what makes this such a great topic to have. If you do the three things suggested above, then your conclusion should be a good one. All conclusions should feel like an ending as well as reiterate your points. Doing these things makes the conclusion what it is.

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