Interesting Research Paper Topics For College

As any student that has ever written a research paper for college can tell you, writing one can be hard.  And when you are writing on a college level more is expected in your writing and you are required to come up with better topics that you did in high school.  But lucky for you, you can use more controversial topics in college, which helps you write a more interesting research paper.

Like with all research papers, you topic has be on something that has enough information, so you can compose a research paper on the subject.  Start with topics that you are interesting in first and work down that list.  This will help you pick a great topic for your research paper.  Also since you are already interested in the subject, you research paper will be well written and your love of the subject will come across in the writing.

Interesting Research Paper Topics

  • How did Neo Nazism start and how has it taken over since World War II? This is a controversial subject because most of the people in this group or groups do un-American things to get their point across.
  • How has censorship changed in the United States over the decades? With new laws that want to force on the Internet and other ways we use censorship, where did this all begin and how has it changed?
  • The effect of PTSD after each United States War.  After Operation Iraqi Freedom, PSTD came into the public eye more but it has been around for a long time.  What were the treatments and diagnosis after each war?
  • The concepts of one’s sexuality. Since we have had so much controversy over certain group’s sexuality and who they choose to love. This topic could be an eye opening look into the world of different sexualities and who the love.
  • The rise and fall of the Euro. Since the release of Euro a little over a decade ago, it has had it’s up and downs.  What do you think the future will be for the Euro?
  • The history of ADHD and ADD and how doctors diagnose this disorder. There has been controversy over this being a real disorder or if kids are just being kids.
  • The affects of being exposed to violent images and videos. Many psychologist think that being exposed to violent images and videos can increase aggression but do they really do that or are used as an excuse for violent kids.

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