Academic Guides: Research Paper Introductory Paragraph

The Research Paper Format

Writing a research paper not only involves the use of conducting a considerable amount of reading and reviewing of academically acceptable sources of information, but the gathering, editing, organizing, and formatting of this information, along with your thesis statement, or theoretical hypothesis in a professionally outlined fashion. Unlike an essay, a research paper differs slightly in format, the addition of an abstract and literature review, for example, are needed. Though these are not the topic of review in writing your research paper at this point in time, the introductory paragraph, which generally follows the literature review, is. Making a parallel to an essay, one can say that the introduction is indeed one of the first steps in the arrangement of the research paper. The introduction not only presents by establishing the means of the paper’s objectivity in directional course, but as also includes the theoretical hypothesis, or the hypothetical theory, of which you bring forward in originating a certain claim for investigation. Thus, further looking into the claim is needed, by which the context of your research based paper offers as evidence in support of.

Going About Writing the Introduction

So, in writing the introductory paragraph, you might want to consider briefly stating a background context of the subject topic being discussed. This could be one to two sentences of researched facts which establishes a setting for the readers to become aware and interested in the subject. Afterwards, you could interject the theoretical hypothesis of the paper. The theoretical hypothesis should be no longer than one sentence. Make note, that, your theoretical hypothesis is the same as the thesis statement, or hypothetical theory, just a terminological variant in wording. This is followed by the addition of the supporting points that you will provide as evidence to the hypothesis, which will further be discussed in greater detail throughout the paper. The supporting points can constitute one to three sentences in length. If, for instance, you do not want to commence your introductory paragraph with a series of researched facts, you could make the paper more interesting and appealing by asking a question, or even providing an anecdotal interface to change the reader’s perspective of the paper. 

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