Tips and Tricks on How to Find a Good Thesis Topic

In order to be sure that you are choosing a thesis topic that will allow you to create a truly good paper, you need to understand what kind of requirements your topic needs to meet.

  • Originality:

    It’s almost impossible to come up with a truly new and unique topic. There have been too many papers written in the major areas of study. This is why you should aim to develop a unique approach to an existing problem. Bear in mind that your research must fit into the context of other studies that have been conducted in this field.

  • Interest:

    The topic you choose must be interesting to you, your professor, and other important people that will read your thesis. Since the name of this paper will be included in your CV, you should count your prospective employers in the latter group. They will rarely read the actual thesis, so you should prepare to impress them solely with your chosen topic.

  • Actuality:

    Any good research must be useful. This means that it must focus on problems that are truly pressing today. Please note that your topic must be narrow, and address a single question that you will answer with research. A generalized topic will make the paper sound unfocused and uninteresting.

How to Generate Ideas for a Good Topic

Trying to think of ideas without using any additional materials for inspiration will be extremely difficult. Therefore, you should start by studying various professional publications. You will also benefit from using online forums and social networks to communicate with other students. They may be able to offer interesting suggestions and refer you to other sources.

There are many articles online that include lists of thesis topic suggestions within different subjects. You may also use the services of custom writing companies.

Thesis Topic Suggestions

Here are several ideas you can use for your thesis topic:

  • What safety measures installed in U.S. coal mines today have managed to reduce the number of fatal accidents?
  • Should obese people have to pay higher premiums on health insurance due to their increased health risks?
  • Does censorship and parental control have any significant effect on the rate of spreading pornography on the Internet?
  • The reasons that make normally patient and rational people lose control while driving.
  • The differences between social anxiety and shyness.
  • Will the social outrage caused by a nationwide smoking ban outweigh the benefits of the initiative?
  • Is there a logical way to justify terrorism? Will understanding the reasons that initially drive terrorists help in stopping them?

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