How To Do A Research Paper In One Month

Planning is essential to any job, and time planning is perhaps one of the crucial aspects, especially for such time consuming exercises as writing research papers. A research paper involves conducting the research, synthesising the results received into tangible points, and doing further research that will validate or explain the significance of the results received. It is not as simple as writing an essay, and because of the complexity, it needs time. A month may seem like a long time in a situation like this, but if not properly planned, it could turn out to be inadequate.

General rules

  • There should be careful consideration when choosing the topic. Most of the time, the coursework does not contain the major topics. The topics are normally found in the auxiliary sources. Research is necessary, and the student should consider involving their instructor.
  • The research or thesis question should be clearly stated. They are normally how and why questions, which trigger the thought process.
  • The writing in the paper should be formulated such that it forms a convincing argument that answers the research questions convincingly.

The research process is normally cast in stone, and if conducted according to the instructions, the results should be enough to guarantee success. With the results of the research exercise and a month to do the research paper, here is a useful step by step guide to how to go about it. The first week should be dedicated to the introductory part of the paper, the next two weeks to the body and the final week to the conclusion and proofreading.


In the first two weeks, the writer should focus on the title page, abstract, introduction and the methods and materials section. The abstract should contain information about who is writing the paper, the abstract a brief summary of the whole paper and research project, with the introduction containing the general purpose of the paper.


In this section, the writer should have the results of the research project, and a discussion of how they relate to the research topic. The discussion makes conclusions from the results, and gives reasons why the writer is taking such a stance.


In the last part of the research paper, the writer should do the conclusion, which outlines the final stand of the research project and states whether the hypothesis stated has been proven wrong or right. It may also contain obstacles faced during the project and recommendations for future projects. The works cited section should also be included, leaving enough time for proofreading.

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