Great Ideas for Argumentative Research Paper Topics

Picking an argumentative essay topic may be a challenge, but it is your chance to write about what really matters to you. The ideas below are broken up into different areas for your convenience. Choose the field that you are most interested in, then the topic that is most appealing.

Social Issues

  • Should there be gender and racial quotas in employment?
  • Should wealthy people pay more taxes?
  • Should welfare recipients be required to undergo drug tests?
  • Are there too much sex and violence in the media?
  • Will lowering the drinking age help reduce alcohol abuse in teenagers?
  • Should gay couples be allowed to adopt?


  • Is private tutorship worth the money?
  • Should the American school system be reformed to become more European?
  • Are character education programs needed?
  • Does adding school days promote better learning?
  • Is it a good idea to eliminate homework?
  • Should students be paid for good academic performance?


  • Can electronic communication completely replace talking face-to-face?
  • Should the use of cell phones by small children be prohibited because of possible health effects?
  • Is using a robot car better than driving?
  • Is it necessary to stop using Google to protect your privacy?
  • Should we change the DNA of human embryos in order to heal inherited diseases?


  • Can illegal immigration be stopped by a border fence?
  • Should legal immigration be made easier or restricted?
  • Does the U.S. need a visitor work program?
  • Should policemen have the right to require any person to prove his or her legal status?

Race and Culture

  • Are people of certain races and origins still portrayed in popular culture in discriminatory ways?
  • Is it possible to abandon the culture one was born in and become part of another?


  • Should environmental protection be preferred over economic growth?
  • Should there be stricter punishments for violating environmental laws?
  • Should Americans be responsible for providing clean water to other nations?
  • Is solar energy really good for the environment? Consider the footprint of manufacturing solar panels, and the need to bury their toxic remnants.
  • Can ordinary people do anything to help clean the planet up?
  • Is global warming manmade?


  • Should people put their elderly parents in nursing homes?
  • Can one be a Christian and still believe in evolution?
  • Should we pay for books and music online if illegal free copies are easily available and downloading them is not considered a crime?
  • Should one try to keep up with fashion?
  • Is it a good idea to sacrifice relationships for the sake of a career?
  • Can stealing ever be justified?
  • Do you need a university diploma to get a good job?

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