Research Papers On e-Learning: Introduction Tips

What is e-learning?

Electronic learning, or e-learning, is an exciting and growing new branch of the educational field, applicable to k through 12 education as well as instruction at the collegiate and graduate level. A growing number of online courses are being offered in high schools, for struggling or troubled students, for example. At the college level, many introductory courses are being offered online for nontraditional students, commuters, working students, or simply for pupils who find that learning method most convenient. This has even begun to branch out into graduate school, where a grown number of Master’s and PhD students are learning some basic material online.

As a result, there is a massive demand for more writing and research about electronic learning. It is a highly distinct method, after all. There is no in person contact with the instructor or with other classmates. Class discussions are difficult or impossible to complete using electronic methods. An instructor cannot monitor students’ attentiveness or ensure that they are not cheating on exams. For all these reasons, e-learning may differ in effectiveness from conventional instruction.

How should you write about e-learning?

Many education programs now assign papers on this challenging and controversial subject. This is because most programs recognize that electronic learning is the way of the future, and is only going to expand further in upcoming years. Future teachers and professors should be adept at administering electronic learning classes, and should be wary of the implications of such a trend. You should conduct a lot of research into the educational effects of online teaching methods while you are writing your paper.

When writing about e-learning, keep in mind that for every negative effect or potential abuse of the system, there are also a bevvy of positives. E-learning allows students with disabilities or chronic illnesses to attend class. It facilitates education for working adults and full-time parents. These benefits are not to be ignored or downplayed! E-learning democratizes and equalizes access to college education.

How to write an introduction to an essay on e-learning?

You may find it especially challenging to delve into this topic at the beginning of you essay. However, there are many methods you can use to tackle the topic. Provide some statistics on the growing use of electronic learning methods, for example. Speak a bit about how profitable such programs are for universities, and how much more colleges are investing in online learning than they did in the past. Alternatively, you can locate and write about an anecdote, focusing on someone who benefited from the creation of e-learning programs.

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