Writing a Research Paper: Taking Effective Notes

Taking notes effectively while writing a research paper helps you understand its meaning efficiently and this activity also saves time when you actually start writing your original paper.

Here are the most useful ways to take efficient notes for research paper writing.

Taking efficient notes:

Different methods and rules for taking efficient notes to add in research paper are as follows:

A student should be confident about the nature of ideas he has to gather:

It is probably the foremost way of taking efficient notes. You have to center on the topic of your research paper. It defines a certain direction and you start gathering ideas about your topic.

  • Your first move should be to appraise the general details about topic. Decide the limit and boundary of thinking about your topic and start writing your own judgment about general facts.
  • Also consult the notes which your teacher has dictated in class. Search related articles in books and information banks.
  • Make a list of subheadings you are going to add in your work. They will keep your focus on different dimensions of same topic and increase your grip over topic of the research paper.
  • Select a constituent which appeals to you and previously has a debate. It will enhance your knowledge in a way that you will assemble more and more information to prove your point and give analysis.
  • Devise the research question and problem statement from that controversial point.
  • Now you will be able to evaluate which information you have to gather about the topic.

A student should not inscribe a lot:

It is recommended that the research paper you are writing should be a compilation of your own thinking and ideas. You do not need to make use of the opinions and thoughts of others. You have to devote your time in accepting your own investigation. Your research paper should be focused on the ideas that are relevant to topic.

  • A student should not write down too many irrelevant details.
  • You are allowed to plagiarize only that part which you are writing exactly in others wording by giving his or her reference.
  • The other way is to squeeze your ideas in your personal phrasing.
  • You have to create your ideas from reading. It is not preferred to underline a statement in article.
  • A student should mark his annotations brightly:

    A student should leave room in his notes to add his remarks later on. He should write down the references from where he has taken notes.

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