What to avoid while writing the conclusion of your research paper

If your higher education matters to you, then you probably know already that you will have to give your best in college. Of course, college is definitely not just about grades and attending classes, but they will definitely make for an important part of your formation as well.

Written assignments are usually given with a purpose: that of helping you to remember information better. When you actually research and write about a subject, it is more likely that you will remember most of that information over the long-term than if you would have simply glanced through the course notes and sat an exam. Research papers are generally considered to be difficult to handle, especially by those people who do not have much experience with this particular type of academic writing. However, once you learn the ropes, you stand a very good chance of actually liking to work on such assignments, especially if you manage to find topics you are actually interested in. The entire “detective work” of the research will definitely attract those who are curious to learn things about the things that interest them the most.

Why the Conclusion of the Research is Paper so Important?

Studies have shown that most of what we read does not actually stick with us. Most frequently, people remember the introductory part and the conclusion part of an article or paper they read. This is precisely why you will want to write the conclusion of your research paper in a way that will be memorable for your reader(s) and why you will want to give it the most attention possible.

What Not to Do When Writing the Conclusion of a Research Paper?

You may have already read about things that you should do when writing this part of a research paper, but you may also want to know about the things that you should not do when doing this. If that is so, then here are the most important things to keep in mind:

  1. Do not rush your conclusion. Very frequently, students feel that they need to hurry up when they reach the final of an assignment, but since the conclusion of your paper will be important it is crucial that you take your time.

  2. Do not be repetitive. Simply re-phrasing the entire thesis statement may not be enough and you will definitely need to add all the things you have discovered along your research.

  3. Do not make your conclusion too long. Make sure that the length of the conclusion is proportional with the rest of the paper and that it does not spread over more than 2 pages (in the case of a longer research paper) and one page (in the case of a shorter research paper).

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