Writing A Research Paper Body Sample: A Step-By-Step Guide

The body of any paper is the longest section of any composition. It is also the most important piece of the essay. It contains all of your main ideas as well as the research support for the main ideas you have presented. Each main point will have a topic sentence that leads into the paragraph and states the intended focus. Here are a few rules to follow as you write your research paper body sample:

Step-by-Step Guide and Suggestions

  1. Pick the topic
  2. Select your main ideas
  3. Then make your thesis statement
  4. Begin to locate support for your main ideas
  5. Create the topic sentence for each of the main ideas
  6. Remember the topic sentence will recap what the focus of the paragraph is going to be. Everything that follows that topic sentence is support for that idea.
  7. The order for each main point body section is
  • Topic sentence
  • Ideas and explanations
  • The support evidence

The support can come in a variety of forms. All support needs to be obtained from credible, valid, reliable, and academic sources. It can be any of these things:

  • Surveys-use accurate ones performed by experts
  • Case studies-use accurate ones developed by experts
  • Graphs-make sure the audience can understand the ones you use
  • Pie charts-easy to read
  • Lab findings-define any jargon that your audience might not understand
  • Facts-from credible sources
  • Books-online or print
  • Journals-online or print
  • Periodicals-online or print
  • Online and print items
  • Websites-academic ones
  • Interviews-they can be ones you find online, in print, or ones you actually conduct yourself

Once you begin to start backing up your explanations with credible evidence, you need to make sure you are using the correct format. An example might be the MLA style. You have to cite each of these supports. It is important you include your references; failing to do so could mean you are plagiarizing. You teacher will tell you in the instruction packet what type of style is desired. In addition to all of these rules, you will also want to follow all of the directions that your teacher gives you. Additionally you should go to any extra help sessions that are offered and make sure you meet all of the assigned deadlines. Use all of our advice as you work on your research paper body example.

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