Unusual Topics For an Economic Research Paper

One writing technique that more students should adopt, when writing is choosing a unusual topic to write about. Everyone goes for the same old boring "themes" and concepts because it is easy to research and regurgitate information off of the internet, choosing something a bit "offbeat" means that you are going to have to work a little bit harder to find good supporting evidence, so many students don't bother with creating unique topic ideas and simply do more of the same. For instructors this can be incredibly frustrating, after all imagine grading the same paper over and over again.

This is why we recommend coming up with an unusual topic for your economic research paper. Writing about something a bit different then everyone else will give you an edge because it is likely that your instructor will appreciate your inventiveness especially after a long night of grading boring papers. Not to mention it is more likely that you will learn more if you research a unique concept rather then repeating a synopsis of already overdone material. In the area of economics there are hundreds of different theories and concepts that you can explore and discuss, there is no reason to stick to "stay in the comfort zone", explore the subject matter and enhance your critical thinking skills.

3 Unique Ideas For An Economic Research Paper

Gambling Taxes and Their Effect On Local Economies

Gambling can have both negative and positive effects on local economies. Explore how legalized gambling and the implications of gambling taxes in a community bring in money. Consider, some of the negative consequences that coincide with communities that rely on the income from gambling.

Illegal Immigrations effect on The American Economy

Illegal Immigration is one of the hot topics in the United States, discuss how it impacts the economy and what negative affects it can also have in communities. Take a stance on how you believe the government should react to illegal immigration, and consider critically both sides of the issue.

How Bankruptcy Affects The Economy

The concept of bankruptcy is also an interesting economic conversation, discuss the most recent recession and the increase in cases of bankruptcy in the united states. How does one individual’s decision to plea bankruptcy effect the economic big picture. Offer some insights on how you think bankruptcy should be handled and the long-term effects of allowing more and more people to go bankrupt.

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