Do Research To Get Evidence For Your Argumentative Essay

If you have been asked to complete an argumentative essay for any of your post-secondary classes you may be wondering how to tackle this kind of writing assignment. Well, it should go without saying that argumentative essays require a bit of research... and by a bit I mean A LOT. You can't write a correct argumentative essay with out research to defend your findings. The entire purpose of writing an argumentative essay is to defend your own argument with official evidence that you procure through research. If you write your entire argumentative essay from your own opinions you have really only done 1/2 of the assignment. Instructors expect you to find supporting examples that help you defend your stance on the given topic.

Using good examples helps to validate your opinions on the assigned topic. For example if your argument is "Children should be forced to participate in physical education classes" and then you complete the entire paper, ranting about obesity and inactivity in modern kids and teens you are only doing part of the assignment. The best thing you can do to get a good grade on a argumentative essay is to do research that defends your opinion or "thesis" so that your argument is less of a "rant" and more of a well constructed debate. Evidence helps to make your argument more authentic and have strong examples reminds the reader "why" the issue is important. Using resources and quotes from experts on the topic give your paper the merit it needs to be a relevant argument article. Your instructor will be impressed if you can balance both your own opinions with proven research and the opinions of others that you find.

Don't get put off by argumentative essay assignments, they can actually be pretty fun if you feel strongly about the topic you are writing about. Consider your argumentative paper an opportunity to express yourself formally, like a reporter. Even reporters require proper evidence, and they need to do research to gather that evidence. If you want to get a high grade on an essay of this nature, be certain to check your resources and make sure that they are authentic. This is another occasion where it is important to cite your sources and check your research so that incorrect examples do not hinder the quality of your paper. Stick to valid resources or direct quotations from the source, this will make the writing process easier and will likely enhance your overall grade on the assignment.

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