Simple Manual For Writers Of Research Papers, Theses, And Dissertations

In the university setting there are going to be many times in which you will have to write a research paper. If you decide to continue on in your college career to pursue a master’s degree or even a doctorate then you will have the further challenges of composing a thesis and or dissertation. These can all be difficult papers to write and thus so it is very helpful to understand the common rules and such that are necessary to follow when constructing these sorts of research compositions. In this article I will outline for you some basic things that you will need to keep in mind when writing these papers. This article is to serve as a manual if you will for composing professional, in depth research laden compositions.


Most of if not all of these papers are required to be written in the APA format. This is a very professional and easy to read format that is frequently used in many different fields of study including psychology and education. There are plenty of rules that go along with this particular style of writing but the main thing to think about is in text citations and the reference page. The other rules included in this style can vary slightly depending on whether you are writing a research paper, a theses, or a dissertation. There are plenty of academic websites that offer further insight into the APA style of writing.


When constructing this sort of paper keep in mind that you need to use academic language. This means that you should write the paper as you would speak if you were in an interview or speaking to a renowned scholar. Your paper should include complex vocabulary and appropriate jargon specific to the discipline for which you are writing. It should also be written in third person and possibly first person depending on the circumstance and the purpose for the paper. You should under no circumstances write in second person which is what I am writing in now. It is not appropriate for academia. However, it is the perfect voice for writing informative blog articles.


There are several rules of citation when you are writing these types of papers. These rules get very specific very quickly. They can include…

  • Stating the authors name and the year of publication as well as the page number of the written material in the in text citation.
  • Indenting long quotations one half inch from the left margin.
  • Stating the author’s name, year of publication, name of book, name of publisher, and location published.

There are again many more rules concerning APA citation however they are far too numerous to fully list here. As I stated before, there are a plethora of academic websites dedicated to providing you with all of the rules concerning APA.

There are so many things to remember when composing such an academic paper that it can be overwhelming to navigate. This article is meant to serve as a basic manual and a starting point for writing these papers. By starting here you should be able to easily find all of the information needed to compose an academic paper of such high rigor.

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