Top 3 good research paper topics

Do you need good research papers topics to help you start on your paper? Well look no further, we’ve got three hot topics that are guaranteed to give your quite a bit to think and write about for an effective essay of any kind! Once you pick your topic, you’ll be on the road towards writing an effective research paper.


Abortion is a regular go to topic for any essay. This controversial topic allows for plenty of open doors into discussing ethics, rights, and defining life and death. Since this is a pretty popular topic, you can expect other classmates to work with this or some subtopic within the realm of abortion.

Assisted Suicide

This topic works in the same way as abortion. While controversial, it doesn’t have the same ump as abortion—which appears in some big way annually. Regardless, it is a topic with a decent amount of subtopics for you to go into.

Gun Control

Gun control is an extremely hot issue at the moment and looks to be a hot one for a while given crimes and suicides attributed guns. The issue of what to do about the availability of guns and which ones should be allowed on the street is frequently debated and has many areas to touch upon.

As a bonus, let’s explore researching these exciting topics and how you can handle them.

Researching the Topic

Make sure you devote enough time to researching the topic you pick. If you’re not sure about which one you’d like to take on, read up on them all. You’ll want to get stats and information to support your point greatly while at the same time shining light on the opposition’s point of view if handling an argumentative essay. If you’re providing information, you’ll still want to research everything thoroughly to make sure you give strong facts on everything.

Also note that researching can better help you tackle the topic. Usually the topic will be divided into several subtopics that you can look into and better digest as the reader. Pick from the subtopics and also take note of how you should approach the topic.

Note that unless you’re in a class where research paper topics are more catch all than specific, then you’ll need to pick your topic. If you’re in a field specific class, then you’d be better off searching your text book for a topic.

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