Why Is It So Hard To Generate Good Research Paper Topics?

Students who are taking post-secondary coursed that require them to write a lot of essays and research papers may struggle with coming up with unique topics to explore. Often, they opt for generic subjects because they are easy to write about and have plenty of resource material available to them. However over the years instructors have come to expect more from their students, encouraging them to come up with original research topics instead of regurgitating the same old information time and time again.

However, the reason that many of these students do not think outside of the box when it comes to their research paper ideas is because they are afraid of getting a poor grade because they chose to write about a difficult, or original topic. Even honor students know when to play it safe, when it comes to writing important papers that are worth large grade percentages.

The Trick Coming Up With Great Research Paper Topics

One thing that these students do not realize that even the instructors who grade the papers can recognize whether or not the subject was difficult to research. They will have higher expectations for papers, which are written on common topics because the subject matter is so easy to find supporting evidence for.

A great research topic introduces new ideas and insights to a field of study. The real trick to coming up with a great research paper topic, is considering an idea or concept that nobody else may of thought of before. If that concept is appropriate for researching you should be able to find enough resource material to write about, with re-creating the same boring paper that has been overdone. Original ideas, that can be defended with old evidence, sounds simple enough.

Challenge Yourself With A Challenging Research Topic

The reason that instructors tend to assign research papers to begin with is because they want to educate students and teach them how to find information on any given topic. In the future once you have graduated, you may still have to back your ideas up with solid research and research papers teach you how to do this accurately.

For this reason you can learn a lot more by challenging yourself and doing in-depth research, rather than selecting easy research topics that do not require much work to complete.

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