A List Of Great Nursing Topics For Your Research Paper

Nursing is a vital part of healthcare, and it offers some very fascinating topics for essays. If you need help to choose a topic for your own research paper, read through the following list of great nursing topics. One of them may just be perfect for your needs.

Famous nurses throughout history

There have been a number of very famous nurses throughout history. Who were they? What did they do to become so famous? Was their fame actually deserved in each case?

Infamous nurses in history

In the same vein as the previous topic, there have been a number of rather infamous nurses throughout history. Who were they? What did they have to do to earn their infamy? Do all of them really deserve their infamy?

Comparing nursing across the world

Nursing is carried out quite differently in different parts of the world. How does nursing differ across the world? What could have led to these differences? Are these differences a good thing, or could they be problematic?

Domestic violence

Often, nurses are faced with cases of domestic violence. How can nurses help victims of domestic violence? What is a nurse’s duty with regards to a case of domestic violence? How can nurses protect themselves from becoming a target in cases of domestic violence?

Physical safety

Sadly, healthcare workers are not always physically safe at their jobs. What can be done to improve physical safety for nurses at work?

Roles in disasters

During disasters, healthcare workers across all fields are called upon to help those in need. What is a nurse’s role in a disaster? Are nurses morally obligated to help in disasters, even if their jobs do not require them to help?


Increasingly, nurses are leaving their countries of origin to find better jobs. What leads to nurses leaving their home countries? What can these countries do to make nurses want to stay instead of leave?

Patient safety

Patient safety in healthcare settings is paramount. What role can nurses play in ensuring that all their patients are kept safe?

Caring for yourself

Like any other people, nurses need to look after their own health. How best can nurses take care of their health?


Like most people in helping professions, nurses often suffer from burnout. What is burnout? What causes burnout? What can nurses do to avoid it?

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