Does An APA Research Paper Need An Abstract: Formatting Details?

APA (American Psychological Association) research paper is widely accepted style guide for writing any thesis. It comprises of set of rules that includes mechanics of writing with linguistic expressions. You need to follow them while organizing citations and page layouts.

  • Spellings, punctuations, quotations and abbreviations
  • Tables construction
  • Presentation of statistics
  • Citation of all relevant resources
  • Choosing headings

The basics of APA research paper

  1. The page used should be 8.5 x 11 inches. It should have 1 inch margin on all the sides.
  2. Have page number on the right hand side in the header beginning with APA title page.
  3. Use Times New Roman 12 pt typeface.
  4. Leave the right margin.
  5. Use double spacing.
  6. Align first line of all the paragraphs and the footnotes
  7. Leave one space after punctuation marks
  8. Use short and clear sentences
  9. Follow active voice.
  10. No wordiness and biased language.

Following are the four components of APA formatted paper

  • APA title page: A succinct title, author’s name, institutional affiliation, author’s note and the running head for publication are part of the title page. Running head is the abbreviated title of less than 50 characters. Running head should be followed by a colon and then one space distance with abbreviated title in capital letters. Headers and Footers function when instructed at the right is automatically handled for consecutive numbering.
  • Abstract: It summarizes the topic precisely citing chief ideas and crucial points with significant findings. Its word limit varies from 150- 250 words. Abstract should be followed by the title page on a different page at the centre with the word” Abstract”.
  • Body: The body is categorized into introduction, methods, results and the discussion one after the other not necessarily on a fresh page with a title in the centre.
    • In introduction part, write background with significance. Write an overview of the literature discussing the hypothesis. State how writer plans to address his setback. Also reveal some information about the paper’s organization. Organized introduction with headings and subheadings devoid of jargons is preferred.
    • In method section, illustrate the research and its method. Method is important in terms of the research reproducibility. It includes participants, measures taken and the procedures employed. Specify the equipments and materials used in the experiment. Include any questionnaire or survey carried out.
    • The result section presents the findings summarizing the collected data, statistics and information on the analytical treatment. Carry a discussion based on the interpretation and evaluation based on the findings. Offer your thoughts finally.
  • References: Cite all the references employed in alphabetical order.

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