A Quick Tutorial on How to Write a Research Study Paper


Research papers are the bane of many a college student. They require hours and hours of outside work, and even then, there will still be a paper to write. Even worse, in many classes a research paper is a significant amount of a grade, so it is not something you can phone it. They tend to be long and complicated affairs. Thankfully, even though it is hard, the basics of a research paper are relatively simply. If you have your stuff together and are willing to put in work, there are concrete benefits you can get from this quick tutorial on how to write a research study paper.


The most complicated part of a research paper is clearly the research. This is the part that can take you a huge amount of time, weather you are prepared for it to or not. When going about your research, realize that the sources you choose can save a lot of time, or waste a lot of time. Technical papers are great as they are often primary sources, but you cannot use them exclusively, as reading and digesting them INS time consuming after a certain point. Therefore, you want to find synthesis sources, such as books by experts in the field or even articles written by them. This should be the majority of your research.

Composing an outline

To keep yourself on track, it would be best to compose an outline for your research study paper. The best thing to do is to write each fact from your sources into a note card, and in some logical fashion arrange all these note cards in a manner suggesting that you put thought into it. Put your paragraphs together by sub topics to your main topic and you will start to see your essay coming together. Make sure you keep track of where your facts are from your sources.

Writing your paper

The key to writing a quality research paper is the use of as many facts as possible. This shows that you have given thought to and have a lot of support for the topic you are talking about, as well as the authority to speak on it. Also, make sure that you follow your outline rigidly, as that is where you should have put the most work into the order of the fact and arguments you are present. Your ideas should flow in a logical fashion, and your grammar and syntax, as well as word choice, should be as formal as possible.

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