How To Write An Effective Introduction For Your Term Paper

Your introduction is an important part of your paper. It is where you will draw in your reader and let them know the general information for your topic. Most students make the mistake of not taking their introduction seriously. It is your chance to draw in your reader. There are some specific things that you want to achieve in your introduction.

  1. Start with an interesting quote or idea
  2. You have to get the attention of your audience. One of the best ways to do this is to find an interesting quote about your topic. For example, if you are writing about horses, you can tell your reader how many different breeds of horses that are in the world. When you are doing your research, keep in mind that you will need to start your essay out with an interesting quote. Start off with a quote or an interesting idea. You want to get your reader excited to continue reading.

  3. Introduce your topic
  4. The next step is to give your reader some background information on the topic. They need to have some information about your subject so that the rest of your paper makes sense. Give the reader information regarding any vocabulary that is specific to your topic. You want to make the assumption that your reader has no information about your topic and pretend that it is a subject that nobody knows about. That will make sure that you give enough information to your audience for your introduction.

  5. Thesis Statement
  6. This is the main point of your paper. It is a one sentence summary of what your paper is about. You need to include your main points to prove it in your thesis as well. Your thesis should go something like this: When writing an introduction, you need to start with an interesting idea, introduce your topic, and create a thesis statement. You will see that there are three reasons to support your main thought and each of these will get their own body paragraph to explain.

When you are writing an introduction, you need to include these three aspects for it to be successful. You introduction should be entertaining or interesting to make your reader want to read more. Think of it as a movie preview. You want to give enough information so that you audience knows what to expect.

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