Top 10 Persuasive Research Paper Topics

Occasionally in your academic career you will be asked to write a persuasive research paper. What makes a persuasive paper different then a typical essay or report is that the author is required to pick a stance on an issue and compose a convincing debate supporting that stance. This kind of written assignment is usually meant to demonstrate a student’s ability to collect evidence and supporting data. If you wish to ace your paper you will need to select an intriguing topic that can be easily supported.

The topic, which you select for your research paper, should have enough reported data that you can write about it easily. It should also have two very clear sides so that you can select one to pursue and defend with your research. Remember, the quality of your paper will be determined by the evidence that you choose to use and strength of your argument. For this reason, it is wise to select a topic that you feel strongly about and can write about persuasively.

In order to make the topic selection process a little bit easier, we have created top 10 lists of the best research paper topic discussions for you to choose from. Although there are a vast amount of angles to take on this sort of project, we’ve narrowed it down to the 10 most common and controversial options that are certain to land you that A+ grade.

#10.) Gambling and sports betting: illegal or should the government regulate it?

#9.) Should Internet content deemed inappropriate be censored by the government?

#8.) Should children committing violent crimes be tried as adults?

#7.) Should American families have a two child max rule to limit population growth?

#6.) Should alcoholic beverages be allowed for minors to consume in their homes with their parents’ consent?

#5.) Should drug tests be mandatory for professional athletes?

#4.) Should not that healthy fast food products be sold with a warning label?

#3.) Should people suffering from terminal illnesses be rightfully allowed to doctor assisted suicides?

#2.) Should abortions be legal?

#1.) Should students be able to get free condoms at school?

The most important thing to keep in mind when dealing with these “hot button” issues is to use fact-based evidence to support your ideas. Although it is good to consider these topics critically, when you tackle your essay try to remain scientific, use great resources to back your opinions and try to remain objective in your composition.

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