College Research Paper Topics to Avoid

There are no research paper topics you should avoid in college; however there are viewpoints to avoid. Extreme viewpoints on a topic should generally be steered clear of unless your teacher gives the green light for it. Note that viewpoints that could offend or alienate your reader should not be brought up even if you feel strongly about the topic or subtopic.

Since this is to be a list and something is needed, My Paper Writer presented us some topics that were conventionally avoided do to heated debates sprouting up because of them.

  • Racism
  • Gun Control
  • Men’s Rights Movement
  • Women’s Rights and Feminism
  • Abortion
  • Immigration
  • Same sex marriage

These topics are much easier to discuss now and just as easy to write on. You’ll just approach them like any other topic first with research, then reflecting on what was gathered, asking and answering questions, then getting into the actual meat of the research paper writing process: writing. Let’s go into why it’s best to steer clear of extreme viewpoints.

Extreme Viewpoints

A viewpoint doesn’t cross over into the land of the extreme until you get wildly unpopular opinions. An example of an acceptable, maybe mildly offensive opinion—upon hearing it--would be someone who says “I don’t approve of same sex marriage.” While this will be offensive to some, it’s not all that extreme. Without posting an extreme viewpoint, here are some traits:

  • Stereotyping.
  • Suggesting that people should be “grateful” for “allowing” them to do X activity
  • Suggesting that if X activity was allowed, Y would happen
  • Calling for violence.
  • Other inappropriate comments.

Good Taste

Most writers will know what good taste is, but some won’t care. Good taste is simply avoiding the above criteria for an extreme viewpoint. It’s honestly not hard to steer clear of an extreme viewpoint while writing for college. It’s actually expected of you even though some instructors may be more lenient with what they will let fly in your writing. Remember, you can voice your opinion strongly without crossing the line of decency and respectfulness. It’s acknowledgement of decency and respecting your potential readers that keeps your research paper in the land of “fine piece of academic writing” and away from “full blown rant”.

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