Writing a College Research Paper in 2 Days

If you are in a position where you are writing a college research paper in two days the first thing you have to do is let go of thinking about how you got into this predicament. There is no time for that. Here is the outline of a plan to successfully pull off the paper.

The Topic and Thesis

Pick a topic. The best source for your topic is going to be your class syllabus. This will define for you areas that the class covered that will lead to applicable subjects. Once you have your topic, form a thesis. In a nutshell the thesis is a self-answering question. Sit with your topic and write down some questions about it, then provide yourself with answers based on your knowledge, pick the most interesting one to you and polish it into a thesis statement.

Confirmation Bias

Don’t research your topic, search only for materials that directly support your conclusion. This would be called “confirmation bias” at any other time and is not considered a good way to discover evidence, but in a pinch it is what you have to do. Use words like “support” or “found” in your search to make sure you are pulling up supportive findings for your thesis.

Clean up your act

Decide where you are going to do your writing. This is not as simple as just closing the door to your room and leaving it at that. You want to first minimize distractions and that includes music, phone calls, TV and anything else you can think of. Believe it or not, it can be very helpful to cover the bed and bookshelf with sheets, anything that will lessen your visual distraction. Also, plan to go on a healthy diet while writing and stay away from the late night pizza fuel. The extra carbs will only make you tired.

The writing

Create a pattern to your writing if you want to pull off writing a college research paper in two days that is legible. Write for an hour, 5 minute break, edit what you have written for 20 minutes, ten minutes to flesh out the next section, ten for any research and then write for an hour again. The important thing is to edit as you go. In the last two hours of the deadline, highlight the entire paper and change the font size and color and read back through it. By doing this, you will be able to see mistakes and missing words because your brain will be fooled into thinking it is reading something new.

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