Writing a research paper: What you should avoid.

Writing a research paper is something that you will eventually do as a student. There are many things that you should avoid when you have to write one. There are a few general things that make your writing look weak; these will make your paper falter and your grade drop.

The first thing you want to avoid is plagiarism. This is crucial. Plagiarism can destroy your paper before it has a chance to even be graded, as your professor will think that you stole every idea in it. Not only is it illegal, it’s also dangerous for you as a student. Schools can give severe punishments for it, including fines, lawsuits and expulsion. Always make sure you credit your sources.

Your writing style needs to remain constant, and should be free from stylistic weaknesses. Commonly used phrases and expressions are a key indicator that your writing style isn’t strong. Your style shouldn’t include the same type of sentence throughout the whole paper. All of your sources should include a varied type of phrasing and should not feel stale. Read your sentences out loud after you write them, this helps avoid any changing style.

Weak organization from the start is essential to your whole paper. All of your sources should be properly cited and in an orderly fashion; This also avoids plagiarism. A simple pattern on the side, grouping up the items in a orderly fashion is an easy way to keep your organization strong. Your thesis should be clearly stated in the introduction of your paper in just one sentence. Being precise and and focused is important not only for your paper’s organization; It is also important to the reader. An unorganized paper can make the reader bored and uninterested in your paper.

Avoiding these few things can keep your research paper strong, while keeping your integrity as a writer. Crediting your sources and avoiding plagiarism keeps your paper original; your paper remains yours. The way you organize the paper as well, the sentence structure as well as the amount of sentences, keeps the reader interested in your content. Stylistic continuity is something that keeps you as a writer strong. Your writing won’t seem stale and your sentence structure strong throughout the paper.

Keeping these things in mind, your research paper will run smoother, be easier to read, and easier to clear from any plagiarism.

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