Academic writing services can help you to meet deadlines

Organisation is the key to successful academic writing

Stages of Academic Writing.

All students in Higher Education have to understand that the process of writing, needs to go through several stages

  • Understand the task.
  • Research & reading.
  • Planning & writing drafts.
  • Proof reading & editing.
  • Culminating in the final text.

Sometimes for what ever reason that plan goes array. Part of the difficulty regarding any form of writing is working to a deadline. Sometimes writers get distracted, or there are other demands on their time. This does not mean that they are not committed to the task in hand, but it takes time to complete all the references and citation, bibliographies and further reading lists.

There are several choices:

  1. Prior Organisation. At the start of each piece of academic work, create a project book, in which you write all your notes e.g. which books and papers you need to read; the notes you make whilst reading the books or papers; the progression of your thoughts. This may sound time consuming, but in fact it saves time as all your thoughts and notes regarding the project are in one place. Plan the stages of your work and allow your deadline to be a week prior to the one the course tutor has give you (It allows for the unexpected ).

  2. Ask for an extension to the deadline. If you already have an extension, this may not happen.

  3. Get a friend to help you, as long as you trust both their ability and their judgment, it may work out.

  4. Get help from Student Support. This may involve tutorials, and meetings, but they will help you will organising your work and your time. You need to take into consideration that at certain times of the academic year, student support is going to be really busy.

  5. Or, you could seek help from Academic Writing Services - they don’t actually write your work for you but they can help by organising your ideas into a logical progression, editing, and referencing.

Academic Writing Services will require a recent piece of coursework and a piece of your academic work at wheat ever stage it is (sample of about 1000words plus). You will be given to the opportunity to outline your difficulties and project your ideas. Academic Writing Services do not always write your work from scratch. Ethical issues do need to be taken into consideration, if you are paying someone to write the whole piece of work for you.

Bear in mind that you can submit draft work to your tutor, who will point improvements you can make to your work to better your grade.

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