Good 10 Page Research Paper Topics

It’s worth mentioning over and over that your research topic should always be something that you’re passionate about. These nine topics guarantee lots of available research material and promise to be controversial in nature. Pick one that tickles your fancy.

Foreign terrorism versus domestic terrorism: Which is the real threat?

Agencies like TSA and the FBI have been regularly accused of violating the rights of American citizens since the events of 9/11. It seems that most of the systems put in place by government agencies in the name of national security are geared more towards the domestic public than they are toward foreign terrorists.

Global warming: Fact or fabrication?

Did Al Gore make up Global warming? Why do we now call it climate change? Are we still being blamed for this supposed phenomenon?

Evolution versus intelligent design: New evidences that support both respectively

This topic never seems to get old. There’re tons of resources for this one. Feel free to branch out into a particular area of the subject whether it be moral, scientific or logical.

Internet killed the DVD star

Laptops and PCs void of disc drives are currently in production. Discuss the impact of video streaming, music downloads and video piracy on the declining sales of CDs and DVDs.

Fake war: The numbing effects of television and video games on our minds

Young boys and even grown men are hooked on war games. What will our protectors do when and if a real battle comes to their door?

Genghis Khan versus Alexander the Great

A great historical topic is a comparison between Genghis Khan and Alexander the Great. What historical factors lead to Khan’s conquering four times more land than Alexander?

Conspiracy theorists and their business boom

If you thought that today’s conspiracy theorist was still a shy, bald guy sitting in the corner of his house with a foil hat and a garlic clove, think again. Conspiracy theorists have huge followings nowadays and this has opened up the market for ‘survival’ products galore.

Emerging trends in automobile engineering

New features in cars are always an interesting topic even for those who aren’t car enthusiasts. There’s a lot of research that can be done about up and coming automobile technologies.

Animal testing: Are animals more humane than we are?

A topic that lacks no controversy is the testing of animals by pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies. Discuss the social and moral implications of this practise in light of how far we’ve come as a ‘humane’ species.

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