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Though our pool of writers include expert academic research and term paper writers in nearly all college nad university fields, we do not generally provide custom writing services. Instead, we offer exclusive editing, proofreading and research help. For plagiarism-free academic papers please visit this website.

Legitimate Research Paper Help Online

Finding legit research paper help online is extremely difficult. There are no mega shopping sites like an eBay or Amazon to go through and find someone to handle your paper. There are plenty of sites that look similar with the same layout and same promises. This shouldn’t steer you away as there are something these writing services should promise you for your money and there’s only so much they can do—after all, they won’t come to teach you how to drive, write, or clean your house. They’re just there to write your paper.

On these sites you may run into the possible false comments in the comments section under samples. You can’t let your guard down when it comes to paying for a service or buy research papers online. Here are other things to watch out for.

Social Networking

Roughly all services are utilizing social networking now and days. It’s a good sign that the site could be legit, so look around on their Facebook wall and Twitter feed to see if there’s any signs that clients have left feedback. If the site has a forum—which is very rare—for regular clients or even their writers, check it out. If there is plenty of participation from others or a decent membership number that’s a great sign.

Think of it as seeing wildlife in an area: that’s a sign of there being water or other food sources around. The same is true with a research paper service’s social networking accounts.

Freelancing Sites

This is the hidden secret for getting essays done. Freelance sites give more power to the client in that your money is held until your writer turns out a satisfactory paper. You are also able to negotiate prices.

Finding Legit Sites

All online services have legit and scam sites. If you’re uncertain, it’s best to type the name of the site and another query to see review sites and forum opinions on the services. There are also sites that list and review legit places to get your essay completed. These sites are independent of the essay writing service so their opinion will have some weight on the legit nature of the college paper writing service as well as their quality. Remember, all services can be reviewed. If customers can be exploited and a scam element can be brought into an industry, it can be reviewed.

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