Looking For A Research Paper Cover Page Templates In APA Format

Research paper cover page

Every research paper requires a good cover page. A good covering letter will act as an introduction to your document. This letter introduces yourself to your reader. It tells the reader, what all he should expect in the forthcoming pages. The reader should get a good image about the writer and writing after reading the cover page.

APA format

APA stands for American Psychological Association. This style is generally used to cite sources in social sciences. As per this format, your essay should have 4 major sections. First part is the title sheet, then comes abstract, main body and references. APA recommends using 12 PT Times New Roman fonts. APA provides a set of rules and guidelines. A candidate who follows an APA format is expected to follow this style in their research cover pages.

Preparing covering letter in APA format

  • The first sheet should have the title of the paper, author’s name and affiliation of the institution.
  • Include the page header and page number in the first paragraph.
  • The title of the paper should be in upper and lowercase characters and it should be centred in the upper half of the sheet.
  • The name of the candidate should come under the title. Beneath the name of the candidate, the affiliation details as well as candidate’s location details should be mentioned.
  • The next sheet is for abstract. This sheet should also have a header just like the first sheet. The word ‘Abstract’ should be in the first line and don’t forget to center the word.
  • Abstract should be about the content, reader going to read in upcoming pages. You should summarize your key points of research, your questions, methods, results, and analysis of data, conclusions and other participants.
  • The word limit for abstract is between 150 & 250 words.

Finding research paper cover page in APA format

Finding a research paper cover page template in APA format is not at all a tough task. You can hire a thesis writer and write the cover page in desired format. The second way is to search in the internet. There are plenty of websites which provide front sheet templates in APA format. You can visit these websites and get the template.

APA format helps students to prepare a better thesis. This format does not want to tear the student apart. Students won’t be confused using this format as the APA rules are simple.

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